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Techno Gamerz Hits 19.9 Million Subscribers Only 100k Left To 20 Million

Changing Women’s Rights Have Raised the Divorce Rates

It’s no secret that our society has changed over the centuries. It was once dominated completely by white males who ruled with inequality over women. Although we may think of slavery as pertaining to African Americans, women were also basically enslaved. In a society that expected that all women marry, few chose to remain single. Once they were married they found that they had sold themselves to the men. They weren’t allowed to own property. Even their children only belonged to their husbands. Divorce for a woman was almost unheard of, because from then on she would be ostracized and alone.

Asylum Seeking – The Greatest Migration Racket?

Asylum seeking has increased to the extent that the UN Convention on Refugees and related national policies need to be critically re-examined for relevance in modern times, and revised. Asylum seeking seems to be a well organised racket, with opportunistic economic immigrants using back door entry, as distinct from the front door entry available to selected immigrants, specified family members, and accepted refugees Key policy issues are involved in asylum policy, including national security, geo-politics, and the ability of the refugee to contribute to, and integrate into, the host nation.

India and the Television

Women in rural India has constantly been abused, and various groups including the government tried to step in to help. But none was more effective that a common household appliance, the television.

Altruism As an Everyday Reality

The altruism we thought we knew deep in our hearts was beautiful like a myth, so grand yet so false. The Ultimatum game explored altruism in the experimental sense. This time, we go deeper to witness “altruism” in our normal reality.

The Truth About America (Part 4) Three Daggers in the Heart of America

The Supreme Court has abused its power by going beyond interpreting and actually writing law. Activist judges have warped the original meaning of our constitution to satisfy clamoring special interest groups in our society.

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