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Naked Ape

The vegetarian ape ancestors diverged to become social carnivores as well as vegetarians. Yet our teeth and claws remained those of apes, not of tigers. Our hunting prowess depended on large brains; by using tools and operating in coordinated groups, our ancestors were able to hunt successfully despite their deficient anatomical equipment, and regularly shared food with each other. Our ability to gather roots and berries also came to depend on tools and large brains. Of all species, man’s the supreme opportunist. He’s intensely exploratory and has a biologically built in demand for a high stimulus input from his environment. We’re a species of a high-investment, information-intensive economy, maturation and productivity of that huge, demanding brain.

Left Undefined

Yes, definitions restrict our experiences of “things” as we will look to see each defined “thing” as it fits it’s given definition. That’s why many times resisting a definition is what feels right. That’s why sometimes we want “things” to be left undefined.

Holocaust and Artistic Soul Survivors

Stories from the Holocaust. The incredible story of how renowned artist, Nicky Imber, managed to escape from the Dachau Nazi concentration camp.

The Highest Possible Purposes of Worksite Wellness: Promoting Reason and Happiness

Americans are besotted with nonsensical beliefs. Large numbers of adults allowed to handle sharp objects and operate heavy machinery believe in the literal nature of ESP. They also believe in psychic and other forms of paranormal phenomena. There’s more. Many believe in UFO sightings, ghosts, miracles, witchcraft, devil possessions and exorcisms, crackpot alternative medicines (e.g., homeopathy and therapeutic, non-contact hand-waving over a patient as a serious treatment modality) and, of course, the literal truth of preposterous bible and other holy book tales. These have been passed down by word of mouth from around the time of the Bronze Age.

Does Acknowledging The Spiritual Aspect Of One’s Humanity Really Conflict With Religious Constructs?

Honoring traditional religious views and embracing spirituality may at first seem daunting, since it can indeed be difficult to make sense of that which is intangible, ethereal, and elusive by nature. When we constantly mature our understandings, however, and become more physically, mentally, and spiritually coherent, flawed interpretations are replaced with true understandings that clear away limiting debris that exists. When we truly understand the nature of intangible energy present in both spiritual and religious constructs and dispel the stigma associated with flawed thinking, spirituality looses “woe-woe thinking associations” as one realizes that there truly is no threat to accepted religious doctrines since spirit or energy is ever present in all conceptualizations originating from the fabric of life.

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