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Hey, Politicians!

The time for prison reform is now. Legislators and politicians can take practical steps to help all factions in America. Everyone can win, except foreign manufacturers.

A Day in Amish Country, Tennessee

With a day off on an unusually warm Good Friday and nothing to do, I packed my camera bag and drove off to Etheridge, Tennessee, a large Amish settlement in the middle of absolutely nowhere. My intentions were somewhat sacrilegious, as I intended to get some great shots of Amish children at play and the grownups at leisure during their Holiday. What I found was completely opposite of what I had expected.

Wearing Jeans Is Now Universal Around the World

Many folks believe that there will never be peace in the world, and that our cultures will never find common ground. Whereas, some of that might be true, and perhaps we cannot win the hearts and minds of everyone, there are commonalities throughout the world where cultures have mixed, and enjoyed the best of all there is. One good example I’d like to use is Levi jeans by Levi Strauss Company.

America, We Need to Dump the Racism, We Are Better Than That – All of Us, You and I

In the United States, we need to dump the issues of racism, and we need to depart from racist thinking. Simply being politically correct and sweeping under the carpet all of the debris of past periods isn’t enough. We need to face the reality of our history, as does the rest of the world, and we should lead by example and be that catalyst.

Love Is Only Practice for Absolute Meaning

Love, even passionate love, may be missing something. There may be something that is beyond even the most passionate of love experiences. A subliminal mastery, absolute meaning, that love only BEGINS to approach, is possible for those who dare!

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