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Can You Really Be Happy For Somebody Else?

You’re fighting for a promotion and your colleague gets it, you long to buy a house and your friend invites you to her housewarming, you’re not getting younger and yearn to get married and your best friend announces her engagement, you are having problems conceiving but your sister is more fertile than a rainforest. So what do you do? You say, “congratulations, I’m so happy for you”.

Differences of Social Customs in Different Countries

Custom is generated from the history. Social custom is different from one region to another even in the same country, let alone the whole world.

How to Stop a Running Train in Japan

Japan’s train system is one of the world’s most advanced and timely, yet there is just one obstacle that stands in its way – physically. Not a day goes by in the otherwise peaceful country of Japan without an announcement of an “human accident” causing a certain route to be temporarily blocked to the disappointment of a frustrated (yet accustomed) mob of neatly dressed corporate businessmen and women.

Interesting Native American Artifacts

To many American and scientists, Native American artifacts are a window into the past of our amazing country. They were the first people on this land and developed amazing weaponry and skills that we modeled our modern day weapons after. They developed different tools and methods for doing things that we still use in our everyday lives hundreds of years later.

Fashion, Style and Authenticity

Youths fulfill an important function within society. Youths are frequently referenced as the future of a nation.

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