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The Shining Path Movement in Peru

The Shining Path Movement represented the Communist Party in Peru and reached its peak in the 1980s as a formidable rebel movement, waging a brutal war with the Peruvian state. Find out more about the era of terrorism in Peru in this article.

Mound Builders

The native American cultures that produced the Mound Builders ranged from the Northern Plains to what are now the states of North and South Carolina and the Mississippi Delta area. The ancestors of today’s native North American tribes, are thought by many archaeologists to have established the mounds between the years 3,000 BC and 1200AD.

The Eastern Woodland Indians

The term Eastern Woodland Indians refers to the many tribes of native North Americans who originally lived in the forests that extended the entire length of the eastern seaboard, across the boreal forests of the Canadian Shield as far north and west as the headwaters of the MacKenzie River that flows into the Arctic Ocean. Notwithstanding the difficulties with travel and communication within that vast territory, and despite the fact that there were three major language families and a multitude of tribes that spoke their own dialects of those languages, there was a common glue that held the Eastern Woodland Indian culture together.

Culture In Russia

The Russian culture has developed over centuries and not just the relatively few years of its life under Communist rule. Whilst individualism and competition is the norm in Western society, a sense of community and togetherness are ingrained in the Russian spirit. Its climate and geography has shaped Russia’s culture in a far more lasting way than communism. With harsh cold weather the Russian people have developed an inner strength and persistence and also a fairly dark outlook on life.

Is Man In Fact The Perfect Machine?

Recent reports from the scientific community based around the Hubble Space Observatory have stated that if we achieve contact with an alien intelligence, that intelligence is likely to be machine based. From mass entertainment of The Terminator movies right to the top of the scientific establishment, it is assumed that machine intelligence is the pinnacle of developmental excellence that must be inevitable achieved. But is it really, and more to the point, will it ever be?

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