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Techno Gamerz To 19 Million and Sourav Joshi Vlogs To 7 Million Subscriber’s Live Count

Friendship – A One-Sided Coin

What does ‘friend’ mean to you? Is it someone who would never give away your whereabouts under torture? Someone who would donate a kidney to you? Someone who would even die for you? If so, then perhaps you are less reasonable than you might think.

Accessible and ADA/ADAAG Compliant Playground Design

Accessible playgrounds means access for everyone and all-inclusive designs do bring communities closer together. Much still needs to be written about this often overlooked subject and in the 21st Century the time has come to include playground design in the discussion of 100% accessibility. For society to evolve we must consider the needs of all our citizens – not just those who have all the advantages. We no longer use the word “handicap” but refer to those with a disability as a “person with a disability.” Playgrounds should be for everyone, including the parents or grandparents who happen to also be wheelchair bound. This article opens up our eyes and ears to the world that has always existed around us but without the real recognition is deserves. We are all the same and share the same needs – even on the playground.

Reasons the Divorce Rate Continues to Rise

Couples go into their marriages being in love with each other and planning on spending the rest of their lifetimes together; however, for at least 41% of them, the marriage is already doomed to divorce. The numbers go even higher for 2nd and 3rd marriages. So why is it that a union which started on such a happy note can’t seem to survive the rigors of married life?

How Social Networking Sites Are Affecting Our Interaction As a Global Village

Social networking sites are quickly influencing how we interact as a global village. Slowly, these sites are eradicating the “my town” or “my suburb” only mentality. Find out more how social networking sites such as Facebook have affected how we communicate with one another.

Introduction to Sociology

Sociology is the heart of all Social Sciences. It is the scientific study of the nature and development of society and social behaviour, the study of human social life. Because human social life is so expansive, sociology has many sub-sections of study, ranging from the analysis of conversations to the development of theories to try to understand how the entire world works.

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