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Techno Gamerz To 19 Million | Sourav Joshi Vlogs To 7 Million

The Natives of Palawan: Learning About Them on a Palawan Tour

Appreciate Palawan’s culture by learning about its natives. Go on a Palawan tour and enjoy meeting people in all walks of life.

Fabrications of Antisocial Personality Disorder

In today’s world of extensiveness and complexities, we find that Antisocial Personality Disorder (ASPD) is used synonymously with both Sociopathy and Psychopathy. As in to say that the conditions stated above (Sociopathy, Psychopathy and ASPD) are one in the same. It should be obvious to anyone that such claims are utterly ridiculous and misleading. The lazy-man’s way if you will.

The Gender Monopolies

A men’s rights site has been talking about “loser men” who “would do anything for a date.” My response: These men aren’t losers, they are men of goodwill. And the more men do that, the better.

How Much Do You Know About Italy and the Italian Culture?

How many things do you know about Italy? And how much do you know about the Italian culture? Here you are with a list of the most famous common-places about the Italian culture and the most frequent prejudices about the Italy.

True Motives of a Psychopath

This particular topic has been made popular by media coverage of serial killers and TV and cable series like Dexter and movies such as Mr. Brooks. But are they really just an empty shell of a person or a victim of their own addiction (to kill)? There seems to be a whole lot more to psychopathy than the known experts care to acknowledge.

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