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Osun Osogbo and Generational Curses (3)

The worship of Osun – the river goddess of Osogbo like every other act of idolatry and occultism is forbidden by the Almighty God and He made this very clear in various portions of the scriptures. He said that He will punish anybody that indulges in such and the worse is that the punishment will also go generational. It will go from parents to children and to subsequent generations. That is, even after the offenders have died, their children and children children will also be punished for the idolatrous sins of their fathers and mothers. Terrible! Like we have earlier noted, amongst the various parts of the scriptures commenting on this is Exodus chapter twenty, verses two to five.

An Ancient Americans Wall and Indian Artifacts Discovered in United States

A mayan civilization wall, along with many Indian artifacts, have been found in North America to show that the Neolithic era did indeed exist upon this continent. A controversial matter shown through these discoveries.

The Contemporary American Indian Arts

American Indian artists are venturing into dramatically new directions. Prepare to discover the exciting world of contemporary American Indian arts.

The Alignments of Carnac: A Royal Mausoleum of the Megalith Builders?

In this article, I am going to deal with the largest and most spectacular among the megalithic monuments: the Alignments of Carnac. Based on the mainstream hypothesis of it being a necropolis, and in the fact that the employ of large amounts of manual labor is a typical characteristic of hierarchical societies, it can be speculated about the rocks having a representational function, each one representing one leader.

Osun Osogbo and Generational Curses

Now, a river goddess is a mermaid; a female spirit that lives and operates from the water, river, sea, etc. The male counterpart is called merman. In deliverance parlance, we refer to these as marine spirits or ‘mammy water’. Though, I don’t want to pretend that we can fully discuss the activities of these spirits here, but there are few basic things we must immediately know before we continue our discussion. The mermaid and merman spirits are demonic entities. Demons are evil, wicked, unclean, foul and satanic spirits. And like other evil spirits they passionately hate human beings and detest man having any form of relationship with the God Almighty.

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