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Levels and Attitudes

Having known people at all levels of society, I’ve found the best ones to be at the top; the worst ones to be in the middle; and the lower end to be a mixed bag. The people at the lower level have less scientific knowledge than the others, but they have experiential knowledge. They have had to struggle to survive, and a lot of them got a clue as a result of it.

Who Says Segregation Laws Are Working in the United States?

Eric Holder once said that “When it comes to topics of race, Americans are chicken to talk about it,” or something to that effect, and indeed, he is correct on that matter, an astute observation, but why is that? Well, I believe much of it has to do with political correctness, and gotcha politics. Still, my friends and acquaintances, perhaps like yours talk about race in mixed company. Some think it’s like religion and politics – race is something you are not supposed to talk about.

Staircase History And Society

Rope ladders and then wooden ladders were the precursor to staircases as we know them today. This article provides a brief glimpse into their history and how this has been shaped by society.

Punks, Women and the Disadvantaged

There are many people who see the punks, gangsters and hooligans as being disadvantaged. I have a different idea on the subject. The punks, gangsters and hooligans are people who have been using the resources imparted to them by the compassion and generosity of the civilization to rape, pillage and batter the people who cannot defend themselves from them.

Getting Bully on Bullying

Bullying is in schools, homes, and the workplace. Bullying needs to be dealt with correctly. Learn the cause and effect of bullying.

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