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The Top 10 Unsung Heroes of Human History

Be it saving lives or advancing human rights, the world has no shortage of heroes-people who have done amazing feats to change how we live our lives today, proving that humanity can transcend itself. Unfortunately, not all heroes are treated equal and many of them are unknown. Let us review the top ten unsung heroes in the course of human history.

Atlantis, The Land That Time Forgot

Civilizations and cultures flourish, fade, then vanish. The Mayan civilization was a perfect example of this phenomenon. Could it be that Atlantis also suffered somewhat of the same fate?

Where Is Our Moral Compass Today?

With the recent Supreme Court ruling on same sex marriages we have to remind ourselves just what made this country great in the first place. Our founding fathers founded this country on the core values of Christianity and that includes the predominant acceptance and practice of the Ten Commandments. For over 200 years the US has followed those core values.

Prelude To Revolt

America, from sea to shinning sea has always been a beacon of hope and salvation for troubling souls from every corner of the globe. For over one hundred years the United States stood for as the land of equal opportunity. Where anyone could aspire to achieve a better quality of life.

Experiences and Lessons From Daily Life

The sickness of Monday gradually vanishes as the day progresses like the mist during the sunrise. Here I share some interesting experiences gained during the daily trips to my office.

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