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Techno Gamerz Vs Aditya Movies – Live Sub Count | YouTube Creator Vs Corporation | Who Will Win ?

The Theory of Cultural Relativity

A college sociology instructor once challenged me with this question: Is it possible for us to be completely culturally relativistic? Should we even try to be?

Technological Disconnect

For most children, relating to one another is very different today than just a generation ago. No more playing all-day games of hide-and-seek and bike riding with the neighbor kids. Today, kids are connected to one another differently-through information age technology. How has this impacted the way they relate?

Mechanisms and Functions Of Rural Mailboxes

Rural mailing boxes are erected by the road side and therefore there is always fear of theft, wreckage etc., since you can not clearly see it at all times. Unlike mailboxes for residences they cannot be mounted on posts or walls of houses.

Measurement of Time Units in Ancient Egypt

Commodities work as messengers between cultures. They bring messages from one culture to the other and from one era to the other era. It is only through commodities produced by a group of people that we understand the way they lived, the material they used, the beliefs and values they had and the way they understood reality.

The Closing Door of Education

One of the few doors left open to minorities, disadvantaged, and high risk groups is being closed at a time when we need the productivity only an educated work force can provide. In the nineteen nineties we virtually closed universities to them, and in the decades that followed, the doors of community colleges squeaked close. Their last bastion of hope, for profit institutions, are now closing their doors in response to new government mandates.

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