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Techno Gamerz Vs Lazarbeam Subscriber Count History (2015-2021)

Mankind – Bored To Tears, Amused To Death and Off To Mars

Raising the awareness of mankind being self-satisfied with immediate satisfaction of needs and amusement, but also the prevailing phenomenon of boredom which is rife, especially among the youth. And, along with this, mankind’s need to colonize another planet, Mars, because he has wasted Planet Earth. Or because “This species has amused itself to death”, as in the lyrics of the Roger Waters song ‘Amused to Death”.

I Am A Good Citizen – He Stated

Are you a good citizen? Well, what does that mean really? If you are a good citizen and follow all the rules of a rogue regime and turn in your neighbor to the Gestapo, are you a good citizen? Maybe, but you are not a very good person. This is a moral dilemma, I’d like to debate here today, so let’s talk.

Education Threatens Ignorance and Terrorists

Ignorance is powerful and control of the vulnerable begins with overriding logic by instilling in them ideas born of dreams. With terrorists at large and able to pick on innocent people anywhere the urge takes them the solution is not in human hands.

Easter Celebrated the Marriage of the Gods

Humans are creatures of habit and what was entrenched during our evolution and progress is with us still. That includes the festivals and celebrations that could not be done away with but they were altered slightly to hide their roots.

Use of the N-Word by Those Who Are Not Black – Its Never Okay!

This article seeks to explain the history of the use of the n-word and how it has been transformed from a derogatory statement to a word of endearment. This article seeks to explain the uproar among the African American community when the words is used by anyone outside the black community.

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