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Techno Gamerz Vs MrBeast Gaming Vs Total Gaming Vs Dream SubCount History (+Future)

Our Misplaced Pursuit of Knowledge

For years you research afflictions, such as cancers and flus, diabetes or viruses, costing you billions. You are still not even close to the answers for these diseases. More importantly, who are you trying to save, when millions die for the want of a bite to eat.

The Giving Chain

What I witnessed at a Toronto subway station on a busy Saturday afternoon last month transformed my views on giving for good. I was right behind a young couple in the line at the ticketing booth and was already hypnotized by the enchanting innocence of their five-year old daughter who had all eyes affixed on her. As her parents handed her some loose change encouraging her to pay for her own ticket, she suddenly jumped out of the line and ran to put the coins in the black tray placed in front of a miserable-looking old man…

To Nurture and Protect

The narrative known as the male ethos conveys that aggression and power are the index to masculinity, and passivity and submission are the index to femininity. The insidious impact of the male ethos is reflected in the pandemic threat of women being at-risk for domestic violence, and rape. A psychological and spiritually focused agenda is sorely needed if we are to heal the cultural wounding of the male ethos, and move from oppression and violence to cooperative unity and respect.

Unequal By Choice

How much we make depends a lot on the choices we make, including the choice of who we marry. It’s called ‘assortative mating.’

Social Life of Indians in the USA

For Indians moving to the US, living in two different cultures could cause some sort of disorientation. New immigrants in the US need to adapt to interacting with Indians in USA, Americans in the US and friends and relatives in India.

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