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Why Is Sociology Important To Americans? Part 2 Of A 2-Part Series

This is part two of a two-part series exploring sociology and its effects on American society, how it defines us and helps develop our national identity. In part two, we’ll discuss sociology itself and its effects on America over the years. We found that by using sociology to examine ourselves and find our flaws, we could improve our nation.

Why Is Sociology Important To Americans? Part I Of A 2-Part Series

This is part one of a two-part series exploring sociology and its importance to Americans, how it defines who we are and helps formulate our cult of personality. In part one, we’ll define and explore sociology itself and examine the constituents that make us who we are as a unique society. In part two, we will consider how these factors affect America’s identity today and in the future, and how these elements help develop our individual identities as American citizens.

Blaenavon History: What Makes a World Heritage Site?

It takes more than just man-made structures to make a World Heritage Site, but also people, and a look at Blaenavon history over the ages is a good indicator of what can be done by people that refuse to give in to adversity and decline. From its status as a world-leader in the technology of steel production, Blaenavon is now a shining example of what can be done by making the best of a town’s resources.

Middle Class and Assimilative Psychology

Truth can be found at the top, at the bottom, outside, and in the intellectual realm, but very rarely in the middle. The people at the top often have truth because of what it took them to get to the top and what it took for them to stay there.

Studying the Effects of Affordable Housing

A new initiative by the MacArthur Foundation aims to study the affects affordable housing has on low-income families. To ensure that the study is thorough, fair and accurate, the Foundation has elicited the help of nine outside organizations to conduct the research.

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