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Techno Gamerz: Zero To 19 Million Subscribers In 1 Minute

Just How Big Is the Universe?

A little analogy that I used to try and put into some perspective the size of the universe. It is hard to imagine and this either clears it up or confuses you a little more.

Realising I Will Never Touch The Stars

An article based around my realisation that I will never see us touch the stars as a species. I then had a moment at the end where writing the article made me ask a question to myself that I had never realised before.

Matyo Embroidery in Hungarian Culture: Use on Cell Phone Cases and Laptop Bags

Matyo embroidery is officially recognized by UNESCO as being a part of Hungarian culture. It is a bright and decorative form of embroidery that has many uses, including cell phone cases.

The Cost of Confrontation

We are trained to seek victory right from the childhood. To many of us, success means winning against the others. Individual performance too is often measured comparing with the performance of the other people. In short, to many of us, life’s purpose is to ensure that the others do not outperform or outmaneuver us so that we stand out as better and more efficient in the eyes of those around us. That probably is the way we were conditioned from the beginning. Confrontation often became a tool for proving own greatness and the consequent feeling of success, victory, empowerment et al. The world started perceiving those who could confront in situations well as great leaders (like in wars and battles) and those who could confront the opponent individuals well (like in a game or in an argument) as efficient.

Sex Change Through Reincarnation

Severe discontent and depression may result from being of one sex in one life and the opposite sex in the next. Memory carried over allows the loss of body parts, strength, or former ego to hinder how we perceive ourselves while religious dogma is too clinical and rigid to understand.

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