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The Countries With the Most Millionaires Ranking (Wealth in U.S. Dollar)

How many dollar millionaires are there in the world? and Which countries have most number of millionaires?

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Number of Millionaires Ranking
Countries Ranked by number of millionaires

Retirement Life – Better Planned!

After living life being self sufficient and self reliant it is not easy to have an empty bank balance and no incoming salary too. No matter how loving your children are seeking help especially financial help is not comfortable for all. May be a small sum, yet it is not easy to ask for these little small pleasures when you have no source of income to repay.

Converting to a Roth IRA

Starting in 2010 and continuing here in 2011 you can convert an existing IRA to a Roth IRA, including high-income earners. Thanks to the budget bill that was passed in December 2010 it left current tax rates for another 2 years. Earlier in the year many financial advisors were telling clients to convert in 2010 because rates were going to be increasing in 2011.

This Simple Tool Can Reduce the Biggest Expense You Have in Retirement

Have you ever searched on the internet for financial planning? There are more than 100 million suggestions for you to search through. Nobody has that amount of free time. It is probably safe to say there are a variety of tools almost everybody can use to help create a safe retirement. You can use software, hire a professional adviser, use a money manager, listen to your tax professional etc.

RRSP Vs TFSA: Which Is Right For You?

It’s never too early to start saving, but many Canadians are unsure about which saving and investment vehicles to use. This article will help explain who benefits most from a TFSA, dispel myths about the tax advantages of an RRSP, as well as offer advice on how to maximize the savings potential of these two vehicles.

Three Times A Day And You Will Run Out Of Money Quickly

Three times a day you could be doing this in retirement. It can be so expensive you will run out of money very quickly.

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