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The Largest Immigrant Groups in Japan from 1960 to 2020 (By country of birth)

Living and Dying by Candlelight

Despite being one of mankind’s earliest discoveries, candles have survived to the present day as functional, decorative, and symbolic objects that remain a part of our everyday lives. For centuries, the flicker of the candle’s flames has not only provided light for our eyes, but has also provided a light for our souls.

Confronting Aggressive Ignorance

There is ordinary ignorance which is willing to learn and aggressive ignorance that resists correction. How aggressive ignorance that militates against psychology and sociology is a tool of conmen.

Sticking People Together, Making People “Stick” Out: Honey Farms and Anthropology

Almost everyone around the world eventually discovers that food brings people together and apart. Bread and rice start medieval peasant riots, GMO’s strain or heal international relations, family business for many people happens around the table, and in some countries chocolate may win a girl’s affections for a day. In Charlottesville, VA, the Saturday morning City Market clearly brings people together, but an interview with a local honey merchant shows that homegrown food can form communal relationships while also setting people apart from each other within that community.

Is There Any Value in Helping Refugees and Asylum Seekers?

I am saddened at how little is understood about the process of dealing with incoming refugees and asylum seekers, and how much fear and mistrust surrounds their existence. I work for a UK company called Phoenix Community Care, a not for profit company working with people in need.

Athenian Democracy Began With Shaking Off Debt Burdens

In Ancient Athens, the establishment of the world’s first democracy began with Solon’s drafting of a constitution which legislated a law known as “the shaking off of burdens”, the ending of Draconian laws of debt slavery.Today Greece is again mired in a economic and moral crisis not unlike that which faced the ancient city-state of Athens in 594 B.C.E. If you have the desire to see an economic recovery rather than a repeat great depression or world war, it would benefit you to study economic history from an ethical perspective and consider the parallels between our present global economic crisis and the ancient economic crisis in Athens. Then as now, Athenians were oppressed by heavy debt. Solon came up with a solution: a “shaking off of burdens”, his name for a debt cancellation that established the first democracy in history.

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