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The Largest Immigrant Groups in Norway (Immigrants & Norwegian-born to Immigrant Parents) 1960-2021

The Third World – Improved Or Engineered?

Mike Davis and his ideas of the effect of Western contact with the Third World varies greatly from that of P. T. Bauer. Bauer, in his essay entitled “Western Guilt and Third World Poverty”, claims, “Since the middle of the 19th century commercial contacts established by the West have improved material conditions out of all recognition over much of the Third World… Roads, railways and man-made ports; the application of science and technology to economic activity; towns with substantial buildings, clean water and sewage facilities; public health care, hospitals and the control of endemic and epidemic diseases; formal education. These advances have resulted from peaceful commercial contacts.”

Take Your Collective and Shove It – I Dare to Challenge the Collective – All of It!

Collectivism and Communism is on the rise again, why I don’t know, but I suspect it is a regression and de-evolution of a once strong human race. You see, some birds flock, and the strong birds, predators do not. They don’t need the flock to protect them, or the concept of; “There is safety in numbers” motif.

Singles Stand Out in Latest US Census

If you are a single man or woman and think you’re alone, you might want to think again. Newly released information from the U.S. shows there are more than 96 million people in the United States just like you.

Renaissance Science and the Urgent Need to Readdress Social Economics

Icons of the New Renaissance stories, under the auspices of the Science-Art Research Centre of Australia, are about the discoveries demonstrating that life-sciences can now be linked to fractal logic in defiance of the present scientific world view. In this essay, Sir Issac Newton’s assertion that religion has corrupted science is examined by comparing the Classical Greek life science with recent discoveries in quantum biology, throwing a new perspective of economic thinking. This aspect of readdressing economic thinking is linked to the future survival of civilisation as propounded by Sir C P Snow in Rede Lecture delivered at Cambridge University in 1959. Argument is presented that new life-science discoveries have validated Sir Isaac Newton’s assertion.

The Psyche of the Test Tube Baby & the Bioethics of Fatherhood

A generation ago the first “test tube baby” was born in Great Britain via in vitro fertilization (IVF) in 1978. Since then, more than three million children have been born with the help of reproductive technology. In fact, America’s first test tube baby has had a baby of her own: Elizabeth Comeau, 29, delivered her first son, Trevor James Comeau on August 06, 2010. The advent of IVF provides a readily available option for single people and same-sex couples wishing to have children and with test tube baby technology the presence of a father can be deleted from the family equation. As the number of children growing up without a father continues to accelerate, attention must be focused on what the affects of father absence are on the children’s emotional development.

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