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The Largest Immigrant Groups in Switzerland (By country of birth from 1960 to 2020)

Culture and Its Predicaments

Cultures are always interesting and the important thing is that every culture is different from many other cultures and their attributes are also different with their histories, their impacts, and their predicaments. The predicaments are based on the innovations in culture and also that how much culture is flexible to ensure that new things could be added with confidence. Indian culture is an old but mixed culture. Some of its branches are able to sort out the things that are best in welcoming new things and new additions. The culture is never linear all around. Some parts of the country like India have different cultural trends that are changing with the change in terrain.

The Kingdoms of Ancient Egypt – A Brief History

The three Kingdoms of Ancient Egypt started around 3100 BCE and ended around 1100 BCE. During that time, cultural traits such as architecture, art, religion and philosophy thrived and Egypt became the greatest civilisation on earth. However in-between these golden eras were intermediate periods with no centralised Egyptian government that were comparable to the Medieval Dark Ages of Europe.

Developing Historic Preservation Through Cultural Resource Management

Preserving the history of the U. S. is a noble cause the entire country can benefit from. Nonetheless, a historic preservation project in the Southern Rocky Mountains should not be attempted without the input of a firm specializing in cultural resource management in Colorado.

The Most Affluent Neighborhood in the United States

Ever wonder what is the most affluent neighborhood in the entire United States? If you guess Beverly Hills, South Beach or Palm Beach, you are definitely wrong. In January 2011, Forbes Magazine listed the richest neighborhood in the US through its article “America’s Most Affluent Neighborhoods.

Suburbanite + Homeless Man = Confusion

Homeless people don’t live in my neighborhood. They live in parks and under viaducts 20 miles away in the downtown area. At least this is what I thought until I ran into a homeless man living on my street. The man confounded my established thoughts about homeless people. When I couldn’t get his own mother to help him, I had to leave him to his own devices, which made me feel frustrated and confused.

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