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The Most Forested Countries In The World From 1950 to 2020

Do They Speak French?

Shortly after starting a new job, my beautifully modulated English accent attracted this question, “My Grandmother has promised me a trip to England if I graduate this year Do they speak French there?” More than a little confused I reconciled this by thinking, “Hey, this was an aberrant brain fry, no danger of a widespread misapprehension.” Sadly, just one day later a gentleman in his mid twenties remarked on my accent, “Man”, he said with a wistful look, “I’d love to go to England, but don’t they speak French there?”

The Preservation of Shadows

Two men from differing cultures each penned classics in response to the industrialization of their countries. Frederick Taylor, a proponent of progressivism and supporter of the revolution, sought to eradicate waste in all forms in his pivotal writing The Principles of Scientific Management, in which efficiency is key. Contrastingly, Junichiro Tanizaki regretfully accepted the rapid transformation of his homeland in In Praise of Shadows, understanding that gain does not come without loss.

The Caste System – Modern Day Discrimination Or Cultural Significant?

As champions of equality and freedom, the U.K. is beginning to learn the horrible truth of what is really happening in some of its communities. There exists an old system of classification that threatens to tear families and communities apart. arts

Generation Y

Generation Y only knows a world of rising prosperity, parents gave them everything they wanted. Mostly ‘only’ children, they don’t understand, “wait your turn.” Everyone on the soccer team got a trophy and parents put stickers on the back of their car saying, “my kid’s an honor roll student.”

Cryptozoology – The Science That Studies Bigfoot

People that claim they have seen sea snakes, hairy monsters and snow men say these creatures are as real as you and me. The proof of their existence varies from unclear tracks left behind to recordings on film. Stories of strange creatures and unidentified monsters that defy the zoo catalogs have become the basis for some serious investigations as far as cryptozoology is concerned (this basically refers to the studying of strange animals).

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