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The Rawknee Games Vs Chapati Hindustani Gamer

How Do They Become Terrorists?

Anyone ever wondered how someone becomes a full-time terrorist? It’s amazing isn’t it? I mean those people do terror for a living. They are totally committed and devoted to terror. That’s why they’re so hard to beat! Despite all the military power of the US and its allies, the terrorists are still out there unrepentant, undiminished, unbeaten and needless to say “un-terrorized”.

A Brief History of the Gumball and Gumball Machine

Although the origin of the candy we call “gum” today is probably in the North American continent, people were enjoying chewing tasty gum-like substances long before the gumball machine was ever conceived. In the early Americas, Mayans recorded chewing on the sap from the Sapodilla tree hundreds of years prior to the exploration and subsequent colonization of the new world by the Europeans.

What Happened to the Maya?

The Maya were a grand and complex society. But all this came to a standstill when the Maya civilization collapsed.

No Country For Poor People

In a world of undeniable hostility where at any moment a terror so horrendous could spark a global catastrophe millions the world over continue to languish hopelessly in desperation. A desperation of lack of hope and opportunity continues to cloud over so many millions of lives. Sure, humanity will no doubt continue to make scientific advances for the betterment of mankind yet, so few are able to afford the price and benefit from all these scientific advances.

Bruce Jenner: Opening Minds

Bruce Jenner told his story about deciding to make the drastic change from Olympic Decathlon winner in 1976, to a woman in 2015. We don’t understand the complexities of the human spirit or the journey between birth and death. In 1975, I read an invitation from Dr. Helen Wambach to join her at her home and experience going back in time called, Past-Life Regression. It was an eye-opening experience!

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