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The Spread of Coronavirus in the USA since the 1st Confirmed Case.

The COVID-19 pandemic spread to the United States in January 2020. The first confirmed case of local transmission was recorded in January. In today’s video, you will see the time lapse of how the coronavirus spreads over the USA by state from January to mid-may, it starts from western states like Washington, California, and ends up by complete catastrophe in the eastern states especially New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.
1: John Hopkins University
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Retirement Fraud – Preying on the Vulnerable

Retirement is meant to be a time of relaxing and enjoying life-but retirement fraud can cause unexpected and unwanted stress. You should educate yourself about the dangers of retirement fraud before you decide to retire. Not only are retired people at a risk for fraud at large, but fraudulent stockbrokers target retirement-aged people, enticing them with scams of retiring early.

How to Use QROPS When Retiring

In this current financial situation, deciding on the wisest means to invest your pension money when you get to retirement is all the more essential – as the money you receive as your income after you retire will not go anywhere near as far as it once did, owing to the fast growth in the cost of everyday items such as food and fuel; and the price of annuities in the first place has never been really excessive. What’s more, your pension pot will have been growing more slowly recently than it did in earlier years thanks to the sluggishly performing stock exchanges and the commensurate dip in dividend payments during the economic slump of the last several years.

How to Value a Promissory Note

There are numerous types of valuations applicable to financial instruments and to promissory notes —here are some: Investment Value, Intrinsic Value, Book Value, Face Value, Market Value, Perceived Value, Subjective Value, Liquidation Value Cash Value, Forced Sale Value and Fair Market Value. This discussion is limited to Fair Market Value-FMV. Fair Market Value–Importance Fair Market Value (FMV) is the value that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) is searching for.

Annuities Amid ‘Financial Repression’

In the arsenal of retirement planning tools, annuities are among the most expensive – but that does not necessarily make them the best. Entering into an annuity contract at the wrong time can be costly.

Is Your Financial Professional Truly A Financial Advisor?

While good advice from a qualified financial planner can mean the difference between a successful retirement and outliving your money, I wouldn’t trust most financial advisors with my own money, and I don’t think you should either. Simply, I don’t trust most so-called “financial advisors” because they are unqualified. Unfortunately, no qualifications are required in order for an individual to give himself the title of financial advisor.

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