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The Top 20 Largest Milk Producing Countries in The World From 1960 to 2020 (in Metric Tons)

Whistle Blower Societies Rarely Succeed and Whistle Blowers Rarely Provide!

A society always gets more of what it rewards, and if we reward winners, doers, and entrepreneurs we will get more of them, thus, more innovation, growth, and strength in our society. Fortunately, this fact has enabled the United States to continue to prosper. Unfortunately, we are losing this, and we are rewarding weakness, cheaters, complainers, and victimhood seekers.

Holding Up Mirrors in a Hall of Shadows

Going to work in India gives you a different perspective on life. A personal reflection on my experiences in India.

Poverty is the Absence of Education

Poverty in its full meaning and implication is the inability of the individual or group to adequately access the very things that essentially support daily living including food, water, health and other key necessities of life that makes for both productivity and sustenance. The simplest meaning of this is that poverty is total lack of the capacity to generate the resources or materials that sustains daily living both for the individual and the group, and also confers dignity on human life by giving the individual access to minimum decent living.

The Duty and Meanings of the Master in Chinese Culture

When we refer to Chinese education, Confucius can be a key figure in Chinese education history. His status as a teacher and his education concepts have deeply rooted in Chinese people’s mind, while his fame and his ideas of teaching even spread overseas.

Anthropology, Sociology, Mythology, Nursery Rhymes, and What We Should Be Thinking Here

Far too often cultures clash because they do not understand the significant of the other. Interestingly enough, many cultural, religious, or spiritual realm norms of a past, present, or future society or civilization has deep meaning, and it is completely relevant. I’d like to send your mind on a quick journey and into a thought process of such topics, even if you are not one to care much for the subject.

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