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The Top Destinations For Indian Migrants From 1960 to 2020

Who Was Enoch?

Who was the biblical figure Enoch? What do we really know about him?

How We Learn and Why It Matters

Recently I read a news story about the pros and cons of separate schools for girls and boys. Girls tend to be more thoughtful. They also learn language skills more quickly. Boys tend to be more active and physical and develop sensory skills more quickly. Such an approach holds that in separate schools teachers can address their students’ preferred ways of learning. Boys and girls will compete less since they will be learning in ways which are more natural for them. They should also feel better about themselves in a classroom where they can study in their own fashion and might learn more as well.

What Is Tiahuanaco?

An ancient city of some Pre-Incan culture, not clearly defined, it is unique for a number of reasons. All of these add together to create a mystery that may suggest our ancestors were far more advanced than we seem to think.

What Are the Nazca Lines?

The Nazca lines are giant geo-glyphs made in the desert plain near Nazca Peru. But who made them? Why are they so big and designed to be seen from the air?

Cell Phone Texting Etiquette

There are several courtesies and techniques that people in society should practice when texting on their cell phones. Simple, unofficial guidelines that should be followed to be respectful to those on either end of the cell phone texting conversation. It seems that texting as opposed to making an actual phone call has become ever more prevalent in the society of today, therefore I decided to share some of my thoughts and views on the etiquette of this method of communication.

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