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The Vegan Speed Eater – Guinness World Records

Early Cultural Shocks in East-West Relations: Part 4

Cross-cultural shocks, even clashes, occur. What is the trigger when, in normal day-to-day life, one’s cultural values are not on display? What then is it about ‘them’ (who are ‘not us’) which arouses attitudes of prejudice and discriminatory behaviour? When the accepted new arrival conforms to the institutions and social mores of the host people, what else could either side reasonably expect from the other?

Early Cultural Shocks in East-West Relations: Part 2

The opening of British Australia to European immigrants and to Asian students was, understandably, a shock to the white Australians. Attitudes of intolerance, and some denigration and discrimination, within the populace was par for the course – until time, habituation, the education system and the passing of older prejudiced persons brought tolerance and acceptance.

Apartheid – Is It Always Evil?

It depends on the exact definition and application. One definition of Apartheid, based on the South African model, is forcible segregation by race. This is what immediately springs to the minds of people when they see or hear this word. The very word ” Apartheid” has taken on such emotive connotations that it almost cannot be used, unless accompanied by expressions of disgust and condemnation.

Gift Exchange and Reciprocity – The Burdens and the Benefits

Gift giving in contemporary developed societies is so commonplace that we may not think that it holds any great significance in our cultural life. However, giving gifts is actually one way in which we solidify our social relationships by utilising the gift as a symbolic gesture of goodwill, acknowledgement or affection.

A Story of Your Old Friend, the History of the Pen

The pen is founded upon thousands of years of tradition and history, and except for writing your signature and greeting cards isn’t actually needed these days. The digital world has overtaken it in business and general communications, but yet… it hasn’t lost its attractiveness as a purveyor of personality and meaning.

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