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The World’s Most Educated Nations by Mean Years of Schooling From 1870 to 2019

Ohms Will Not Kill You

A few weeks ago my son and I got off on a digression that led to a nearly two hour debate about which was the killing factor in getting electrocuted. We were both so eager to be right that we failed to realize we were really talking about the same thing. Communication is the key, but listening is crucial.

New Renaissance Technology and the Fate of Homo Entropicus

Icons of the New Renaissance stories, under the auspices of the Science-Art Research Centre of Australia, are about the discoveries demonstrating that life-sciences can now be linked to fractal logic in defiance of the present scientific world view. In this essay the human species is classified as Homo Entropicus due to its scientific mindset being govered by entropic law. The discovery of a new fractal logic life-science has been found to be based upon the Platonic tradition of Greek philosophy, which provides rigorous solutions to problems now threatening human survival. The new survival chemistry has been recognised by the President of the Italian republic.

Aboriginal Dream Time

The Australian Aboriginal Dream-Time can be confusing to some. It is actually a compilation of not only all their beliefs and history, but also of what is to come.

The Evolution Revolution – Calling All Heroes: Will You Be the One?

The death throes of the old paradigm are apparent all around you: the evidence is on the Internet and television daily. Yet complaint and criticism does nothing but enmesh the critic in the web of the travesty: WHAT YOU FOCUS ON IS WHAT YOU EXPERIENCE.

The Evolution Revolution-Hostage to Terror: The Entertainment Industry Offered Role of a Lifetime

If America would counter the image of ‘Great Satan’ fostered by the extremists who wish her ill, Americans must clearly demonstrate another face to the world. We can no longer allow power-crazed smoke-and-mirrors government forces to hold us hostage to ill-conceived policies.

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