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The World’s Tallest Bodybuilders – Guinness World Records

Collaboration and Ethics in the World of Work

In the Era of the explosion of Web 2.0, a real world (economic and otherwise) seems to be in serious difficulty, showing economic crises and tragedies. In this context the role of web developer is in a strategic position, horseback between the two worlds (web and real), able to manipulate and participate in the creation of one and experience the problems of others; this profession, and others like it, can take the lead to a paradigmatic shift about the understanding of the job, focusing on collaboration and ethics.

A Reticence For Euthanasia

In western culture assisted suicide and death are approached in a very tender fashion. Even in extreme cases of suffering where a person has no chance of surviving their ailment, assisted suicide is usually committed with much hesitation and reserve on the part of most parties concerned and the societies in which they occur. Regardless of the reasons for going through with assisted suicide it will always be permitted grudgingly, if at all, by society.

Secrets of the Freemasons

There are essentially two methods whereby man may grow: by observing Nature, or by creating and appreciating art. The true artist patterns his or her work after the laws of Nature, either adopting all that Nature has revealed, or assimilating so much of that which exists in Nature as is necessary to complete the artist’s intended design.

Is 2012 Real? A Look at How the Global Consciousness May Be Creating It’s Own 2012

Lets start with a quick review of article 1. The question we are asking is 2012 real or and maybe more important are we creating it ourselves. If I have lost you please read article 1 first.

Inside Kenya – The Tribe of the Agikuyu

The history of the Agikuyu people has been passed on from generation to generation. The younger generation of the Agikuyu should be grateful and thankful of the older generation for having passed down the ways of the Agikuyu people from their beginnings and ways of life through word of mouth.

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