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Top 10 Batsman Ranked by Most Sixes In Cricket History (1970-2021)

Subfields In Anthropology As They Relate to Society and Culture

In this comparison analysis, the different subfield perspectives in anthropology are explained and compared to perspectives in society and culture. Parallels are drawn between points where societies would benefit from adopting elements of these anthropological perspectives.

A Simpler Time

As we grow older, we tend to get aggravated by the complexities of the world and yearn for simpler times. You suddenly recognize the complications caused by technology, overcrowding, government bureaucracy, and changes in moral values, thereby causing you to fondly think back to less stressful times, particularly in childhood. I happened to mention this to some of my older friends recently who began to reminisce about the simpler times they experienced growing up.

Supporting The Claim That Humans Ethics Must Make A Collective Cultural Shift

There are human crisis all over this planet; after ten years of consistent fighting, it is evident that a new global culture is needed. Global commerce has connected societies to a point that a global culture is emerging. This global culture is transient, diverse, and conscientious of the connection between even the most distant species.

Why 1960s Was Not an Anomaly

Any number of people want to portray 1960s as an anomaly, as a result specifically of “a bad crop” or a “narcissistic generation.” In fact 1960s were not unique, and similar, though smaller-scale, situations took place during the Romantic Era and during early 20th century. I propose that 1960s was not only not an anomaly, but in fact an inevitability; and that any attempt to bring back something like 1950s will result in something like 1960s happening yet again.

Women, Minorities and Respect

There is a great difference between actually respecting a person or a group and pretending to respect them in order to avoid negative consequences. And toward that effect, much more useful are educational efforts that give people real reasons to respect non-Western people and women, rather than simply teaching them that racism and sexism are wrong. In fact, real efforts can be made to build actual respect for women and minorities.

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