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Top 10 Best Global Brands Ranking (2000-2021)

A Different Look At How To Unlock Our DNA Gene Code

This was the result of a passing thought from myself on my journey to work in the morning. A different take on how we could possibly look at unlocking our DNA. It might be complete rubbish to some but I think its a valid possibility.

The Be All And End All

We live in this crazy place where absolutely everything around us emanated from the planet. Everything old and anything new was and will be given birth to by mother Earth and each one will eventually die and go back to her. Over millions and millions of years, life has diversified itself spreading out and colonising previously unreachable places to the extent that certain forms can only be found in specific environments.

What Am I and Where Does My Loyalty Lie?

I am a human, white male. I am a Jewish, American citizen. My loyalty lies with the broadest category in my list: the human species. When choosing sides, to decide, I only use the standard that promotes the welfare of the human race; that standard usually is justice for all and compassion for the oppressed. For example:

The 19th Century Debate That the Origin of Species Engendered

The debate that surrounded the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin in the 19th Century. The controversy in British society that was caused by the publication.

The Creation Of Existence

For thousands of years man has looked to the skies for answers and even now with all of the technology that we possess as a planet, we still have more questions unanswered than answered. Where did we come from? How did we get here?

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