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Top 10 Brave Wilderness Videos – Guinness World Records

Money, Society, Bureaucracy and Civic Live – An Intellectual Debate

Perhaps one of the worst things to have is a government that is so big that it can give you everything you need, because once that happens it is also big enough to not need you and big enough to take everything you have – including your life. Many left-wing progressives believe that we need a government to take care of people – but that is kind of a slap in the face towards the concept of self-reliance – which indeed is part of Americana, part of the American Tradition. We are not a weak country, nor a weak culture, and yet, each year we seem to be adopting more of a victimhood mentality in our population.

Should the Government Provide Jobs Rather Than Give Free Money In Social Programs?

In the United States we have sort of a safety net to help the poor. However, these programs were not designed to take care of people unwilling to produce for their entire life – yet, many expect just that currently. Even people who are barely able to help, we don’t ask them to do what they can, we just send them a check in the mail or money on their EBT – food stamp card. Some looking at this suggest that if you get money from the government, you should be giving a little also to the common good.

The Winter Wind

As the snow flies winter has finally arrived. The cold winter winds howl through the long blistery nights. It is now the season of joy and jubilee.

Moody River

Remember Pat Boone and those white buckskin shoes. The good old days of early rock and roll. Back then the giants of the pop music world was Elvis and Pat Boone.

The Age Of My Years

As the age of my years settles in the comfort that I have known is often diminished by the unsettledness of life. Through-out the years where I have known great joy and passion have tempered the sorrow and anguish that has always past my way. Remembrance of all those yesterdays where there was victorious athletic achievements or noble accomplishments they were always overshadowed by mistakes made along the way.

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