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Top 10 Countries By Mobile Phone Users (1988-2021)

The Native Clash With Western Freedom

The rush to seize land in their countries by Western nations saw indigenous people in Africa, Asia, the Americas, and Australia, among others, displaced. Many were slaughtered or suppressed to the point of extreme poverty, disrupted lives, and confusion. Unable to conduct their lives in the new paradigm they became slaves or, at best, servants in their own homelands.

Roman Links to the Persian Empire

The Romans have a grip on the affairs of the world to this day because the empire they created was made of iron and cannot be broken. The romance of their age lingers in history books, novels, movies, and in the imagination of people. Its strength came from its ability to create empires while it took over nations and reformed everyone to its ways.

Islamic Invasion of the West and Fear of Jihadists

The fear of allowing Muslims into societies where democracy rules is a source of immense fear and a form of stupidity on the part of governments that many cannot understand. Turn back time, however, to the 16th, 17th, 18th, and even 19th centuries and you will see the same type of infiltration by Christians into countries like the present-day USA; Canada; Peru; Brazil; Argentina; Mexico; Australia; New Zealand; New Guinea; Indonesia; India; and all countries of South Africa; so what is the difference? Time definitely heals all wounds, or so it would seem.

Why Muslim Clothes for Women Offend Westerners

The costumes Muslim women wear in public is an affront to many Western women who have the freedom to dress as they want rather than as religion dictates. The idea that women must cover their heads and bodies to prevent them being raped is outrageous to those who have lived largely without fear of such a thing. With the merging of cultures now occurring and the arrival of women who dress in head and face coverings they threaten that freedom.

Kings Fight to Prove Their Fitness As Sun-Gods

It’s no secret or great revelation that kings have always been called ‘sun-gods’. Some have had that title attached to their names, such as Louis XIV. He died in 1715 as le Roi-Soleil or Sun King.

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