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Top 10 Countries by Total Internet Users (1990-2021)

Before The Pharaohs

In the world before recorded time bands of nomads roamed the plains. Out of this nomadic time and into legend came the one man that forever changed the course of human history. An intellectual with a higher calling.

You Thought Your Life Alone Is Tough

Everybody faces hardship of life. Life is simple, though appears to be complex. It’s the interpretation and handling of life that matters the most. Just look at the Lotus plant floating in a pool of water.

November Darkness

The gray skies of November have arrived and with it brings the winds of change. As daylight savings passes into the darkness of this month marked a foreboding sense that the certainty of the past was just an illusion. The somber reality has arrived with Trump infestation into the national consciousness and onto the world stage.

That Old Familiar Rain

In the wee hours of twilight the rhythm of the falling rain moves with a tempo whose melody is unmistakably somber in tone. The pitter patter beats a painful reminder of those yesteryears where bittersweet moments still linger in conscious thought. The gaiety of life was often subdued by tears of sorrow and woe.

Social Wellness is Making the Elderly Lead a Healthy, Peaceful and Long Life

Maintaining good relations, particularly as you age, will have a considerable impact on all the other dimensions of wellness. The above article enlightens you on the Health Benefits for the elderly of being socially active.

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