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Top 10 Female YouTubers In India 🇮🇳 | Ft. Neha Kakkar, Anaysa

Is There A Conspiracy Afoot to Take Out Thanksgiving As a National Holiday?

Not long ago, a US congressman was elected in our district who had once given an anti-Thanksgiving speech to the local Indian tribe in the area along with some of his Hispanic constituency. You can understand that Thanksgiving is an American holiday, and even though the feast between my ancestors who came over on the Mayflower and the local Indian tribe near Plymouth Rock had gone quite well, the many Americans who followed did not necessarily work out well for the Indians.

You Cannot Provide Equality By Punishing a Minority

The other night I listened to a reporter who attempted to state that the White Males 40 and over need to yield and they are no longer in control. I heard a simpler speech on NBC about White Males over 40, that they (me included) can’t stand it and they are going to go kicking and screaming. There is only one problem; it’s not true.

Our Schizophrenic Diversity Police In the US When It Comes to Humans and Other Species

For human populations especially in the United States, and it’s getting to be like this around world there is a general theory that; we are all blessed by more diversity in our populations. That is to say as long as we allow people from other religions, cultures, and different ethnic backgrounds to melt in our great melting pot that we will be better off in the long run. That may actually be true, especially as all those genes coalesce. After all, in the future it may be best to be a “mutt” so to speak than a pureblood of a certain ethnic type.

Street Children, Their Vulnerability and Sustainability

Street children are those who are hopeless, frustrated and homeless and who pass their lives erratically, here and there without having any particular whereabouts. They have no fundamental rights like food, shelter and clothing to survive on Earth. They somehow manage their lives based on the kindness of the people. They live from hand to mouth. They pass aimless life like a ship without radar. They have no demands for education and health service because of their helplessness in view of their no particular identity of the society.

Shrinking Cities In Eastern Germany

Shrinking Cities are an old and new phenomenon of postindustrial development. The underlying change of structure combined with monocultural economics during the phase of industrialisation lead to massive migration from eastern Germany to western Germany in the course of tertiarization.

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