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Is Hell Real or a Weapon of Terror?

Hell is a threat that makes people toe the line and hopefully follow leaders. It is something that has become a weapon of terror and responsible for mass murder.

Humans Suffer Because of the Retribution of God and Loss of Spirituality

Ignorance keeps people in the dark about most things while religions deliberately try to hide the real God for the false ones they promote. As we approach the last days the Spirit determined to reveal the truth about life and why things happen that hurt us.

Promoters of Equality Are Cheating Us All – Beware of the Buzz Word and Know Thy History

Why are we allowing the media to “second” the political rhetoric calling for “equality” at a time in America where equal opportunity and equality under the law has never been higher? Still, we are told that the United States of America ranks behind most nations in “equality” even though we practically invented the concept when we penned our Bill of Rights and attached those notations to our law of the land. Think about that for moment.

Jury Duty – Am I Normal?

Have you ever wondered if you’re normal? Just a regular person? It’s been said that we define normal by virtue of our environment–our sphere of being influenced by those that influence us most. That’s how most of us measure normal, right? Well, I had an unexpected test recently as well as a first–I was not only summoned but selected to serve on a criminal jury. But, first things first.

Vegan For ANY Reason

My latest rumination has been about the whole “Vegan For Any Reason” movement gaining a strong foothold in the animal rights community. The basic argument is that if you get people to go vegan for any reason, including their own health, that’s fine – you’re still saving lives and it doesn’t matter why they are being saved. And of course, in a gut-level, utilitarian fashion, that’s true. But that approach makes me queasy, for a few reasons. First and foremost, when people become vegan because of their own health, the ultimate motivation to stay vegan is weaker than it would be if they were doing it out of the knowledge that death lay behind their previous animal-oriented diets. We all don’t need to beat cancer or lose 350 pounds. We all don’t want to compete in the triathlon or make it to the cover of some magazine. We just want to live our lives and feel as good as possible within the confines of what we feel is reasonable.

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