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Women Are Discriminated Against Because of Mother God

Men are still besotted by the Mother God although she has taken different forms in modern life. The stylised images are more sophisticated and stories have multiplied her magic to the point where the physical woman is no comparison.

The Many Faces of Happy Meat

Locavores and ex-vegetarians alike seem to share some common misconceptions about locally-sourced animal products. For example, they seem to believe that the environmental waste associated with meat, dairy, and egg production will be lower on a small-scale farm than on a factory farm or CAFO (confined animal feeding operation). But perhaps the most persistent fantasy soothing the minds of eaters of “happy meat” is the idea that small-scale or sustainable farming is inherently cruelty-free. To the contrary, small-scale farms routinely practice all of the cruelties inherent in the exploitation of animals for their flesh and body products. And, because of lack of oversight, small-scale farms may be even more likely than corporate farms to be the site of extreme abuse and neglect.

Reincarnation Is Beyond Most People’s Comprehension Because of Brainwashing to the Contrary

Brainwashing alters the brain and when consistent and supported by social rules and accepted beliefs it is almost impossible to turn the mind around to new thoughts. That’s what it is like trying to advise others about reincarnation. Their receptors are not switched onto it.

Why We Can’t Forget God?

The study of humanity is one of the most interesting of all the disciplines. At the heart of it is religion, rituals and how people perceive God and prepare for death.

Ignorance Is the Best Cover Up When Knowledge Is Denied

History shows that kings, emperors and presidents have used the power of ignorance to elevate themselves above their opponents and seize control. It so strongly positioned in the psyche of their followers that death is nothing more than a trip to paradise.

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