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Ancient Chinese Dynasty Population Control and Authoritative Rule – Discussion on Suicide

During the ancient Chinese dynasties when a peasant subject found life to miserable or difficult, it was suggested in their culture that they should take their own life as a way to solve the problem. Occasionally, someone would use a different method such as attacking leadership, although it was very rare and when it did happen the powers that be would ask the peasant why on Earth they didn’t just kill themselves. Of course the individual would explain themselves, but they would in turn make that person look like they were crazy or lacked mental faculties.

The World of a Total Tracking

The development of new technologies has a tendency not only to open up some new opportunities but also to raise some ethical dilemmas. Using GPS and GLONASS technologies for people tracking first of all causes the protests and counteractions, secondly raises legal regulation questions and finally opens a discussion about the moral side of this process.

Chinese Culture: Chinese and Western Cultural Differences

Find out some of the main precepts of Chinese culture here, and also why Chinese culture can be so confusing for westerners. Is the Chinese thought process really so different to non native Chinese?

Sociological Theories

Sociology is a discipline with a huge number of theories that are used to explain almost every social occurrence. Without social theories, it will be impossible for us to make sense of many social situations in our lives. Sociologists starting from Auguste Comte, the father of Sociology, have developed countless number of theories concerning many social situations they experienced in their own lives.

Assimilation Throughout the World

Assimilation, put simply, can be defined as the act of taking someone else’s culture and making it your own. This, or the lack thereof, is often present, sometimes overtly, sometimes not, in many aspects of human interaction and culture.

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