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Vygotsky’s Social Development Theory

Kids have dialogues with themselves if they enlist in imaginative play. Role-playing implies developing a story and providing a voice on the various figures in the story. When kids copy others, they’re creating a vocabulary which enables them to brand and go over the world around them. Less verbal kids may well chat much more during innovative play than in some other ways.

The Most Multicultural Society in the World

The oxford dictionary defines culture as an intellectual manifestation of art, social behavior, and customs of a specific society. Culture is also intricately associated with cuisine, languages, ethnic values, and generic practices.

Life Is Meaningless: For REAL Wellness Sakes, Create Some

Life has to be given a meaning because of the obvious fact that it has no meaning. Henry Miller Introduction – In a cosmic sense, our lives and the existence of all life on Earth is a bit of a paradox – we and the world around us are mind-boggling wondrous contingencies beyond the language of superlatives, improbable almost beyond belief. The paradox comes in the reality that it all amounts to nothing, ultimately, because life has no cosmic meaning and every creature will die, everything…

Basic Human Rights For All?

As a culture, we demand the basic human rights of freedom from violence, oppression, physical threat, and discrimination. Unfortunately, we somehow fail to include children as a part of humanity. It seems apparent that many of us are seemingly imprinted with the notion that children should be treated in a less respectful manner than other human beings.

Social Change and Social Order

This article discusses the concepts of social change and social order. Factors which determine social change and social order are discussed briefly.

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