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Runes: A Brief Overview

A very brief overview of the Runes. Includes the tale of Odin and the Runes, some historical facts about Rune practitioners and legends on how people came to learn their secrets. A brief account of Runic alphabets is also included.

Why A People’s Think Tank Probably Won’t Work

When I first founded our think tank after retirement I thought to myself that we needed a “People’s think tank,” something that anyone could join even if they didn’t have a PhD under their belt or works as a top researcher in their field. The reason I always felt this was necessary is because I did not have a PhD or an advanced degree, but I do know that my creative genius has allowed me to change an entire industry, adding a new sector, and that had done me well. Further, I realized that the Wright Brothers were bicycle mechanics not aerospace engineers, is if there was such a thing which existed in that day. Are you beginning to see my point?

The Emperor’s New Clothes

The hegemonic empire is one based on influence, not the direct control exercised by traditional empires. Is influence as effective as direct control in achieving desired objectives? Significantly, does an empire of influence involve a reduced responsibility for the socio-cultural policies within the nations of the loosely-linked coalition partners?

Servitude Under Colonial British And Japanese Military

Through its rampage through south east Asia, Japan stoked the fires burning in the hearts of colonial subject peoples for independence. Comparing life under the colonial British in Malaya with that under the Japanese military there enables a comparison of any future offered, implicitly or explicitly, by both over-lords. Once the dust of war had settled, what had these rulers achieved?

Japan White-Ants European Colonialism In Asia

When Commodore Perry of the US forced an insular Japan to open its ports to trade, it led to massive long-term impacts in the economic and political spheres of Asia. Following massive industrialisation, Japan colonised Korea and Manchuria, and sought its place as one of the powers exploiting China. It eventually drove the British, Dutch and French out of their south east Asian colonies, giving hope of independence to the subject peoples of these territories.

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