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Top 10 Most Popular Websites (1999 – 2019)

This is a visualization of the most visited websites on the Internet from 1999 to 2019. It shows how most of those on top in 1999 are no longer around, or are receiving a fraction of their original traffic. The popular websites today are those providing APIs and apps, those that didn’t integrate with the global internet faded away. These statistics based on websites traffic measured by monthly visits.

2012 Outlook For High Yield Dividend Paying Stocks for Retirement

What are factors impacting the markets as we head into 2012? What do we know for sure? How to determine which stocks are best for your portfolio? What metrics should I use in evaluating stocks?

4 Steps to Getting Rich and Moving Abroad

Saving money is tough! Its not easy to save up a significant amount if you have bills to pay, groceries to buy, and all the other necessary evils that take money out of our lives. However, there are definite ways in which you can improve your money saving skills, and be able to create enough savings (using debt elimination tactics and 1% saving techniques) to be able to move to step two: generating passive income.

How to Retire Early Without Having to Live Frugally

People are constantly complaining about the cost of living and finding that they are living beyond their means so the question is, should your income stop how long would you survive on your current savings and when you retire how much will you have to live on and will your pension be enough to live a comfortable life? You may want to start doing things differently such as put extra funds aside, self manage your super fund, invest in appreciating assets, look at other ways to add to your income and learn from the experts and mentors by reading and asking lots of questions.

How Workers Today Often Don’t Have Adequate Savings

More and more people work for companies who don’t have pension plans or they’re self-employed and have nothing. As a result, there are a number of employees out there who don’t have the proper savings in place to be able to enjoy retirement the way they once hoped that they could. There is hope, however, with the Federal Government introduction of PRPP (Pooled Registered Pension Plan).

401-K Hardship Withdrawals Are Bridging The Gap

America’s financial crisis will improve eventually as will the job market although it may take years of government intervention to do so. From it people will find new opportunities for employment and the country will find new avenues to retirement savings like 401-K, health care and investing.

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