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Top 10 Most Subscribed Child YouTubers In India 🇮🇳

Nazism, Jews and Personality Disorders

In their attempt to prevent the atrocities of World War II from re-occurring, one wrongful direction has been to explain them as a result of Hitler having a personality disorder. There are two things wrong with that claim. One is that Hitler does not own atrocity, and vast atrocities have also been committed by normal Muslims, normal Communists and normal Christian imperialists.

How Freedomland Became A ‘Health Care’ Center

Providing adequate housing and social services keeps people safe and out of the ER. But is it health care?

Go and Fetch Him (2)

What you need now is not human pity or sympathy, but God’s favour and grace. When God favours you, then, men will be forced to attend to you. Are you listening? Stop focusing on men, stop running after people for favour. The best any natural man will do for you is exactly what this chief cup-bearer did to you Joseph – to forget about you and not giving you another thought or even the worse.

Go and Fetch Him! (1)

As you read this message, the process of bringing you out of that situation is being put in motion. Yes, you have stayed in that condition long enough. It is now time for you get out! To fetch means to bring back, to draw forth, to cause to come out. You are coming out of that situation today in the mighty name of Jesus! It doesn’t matter how long you have stayed there. It doesn’t matter how deep or how difficult the situation, but that God has decided to bring you out, to honor and bless you and nothing can stop it! The word of God has come to fetch you, to draw you out.

History and Patriarchy

A frequent claim made by people involved in backlash against feminism is that patriarchy is necessary for the civilization, and that women’s rights lead to end of civilizations. This claim is contradicted by both historical and present fact. The most advanced countries in the world, such as Sweden, Netherlands and America, all have a strong presence of woman’s rights.

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