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The Years Of Living Dangerously

The years of living dangerously are now upon the world today. Untold carnage has seeped into ever corner of society. When you look at practically every major city around the world from Chicago, Buenos Aires, to Damascus violent carnage is an all too frequent reality.

Why Great Minds Think Alike

Have you ever wondered about the reason behind the phrase “Great minds think alike”? I think it can be explained through a combination of basic physics and Post-Structuralism. Here is what I started thinking about years ago:

The Rise of Fascism and Its Prominent Leaders

The horrors of World War I shattered many of the old certainties in Europe. Empires had fallen, and governments seemed unsure. In many countries, people turned to a new movement, called fascism. Fascism, which first emerged in Italy, was a new and violent political movement

The Finest Hour

In all of recorded history it can be said that many nations and yes certain individuals managed to attain a level of excellence far beyond their realm of reality. What one would call achieving their finest hour. In ancient history nations or empires like the Aztecs, the Mynas, the Babylonians, the Persians, and others all in some point in their history reached a level of supremacy either militarily or technological.

Where Is That Hero Of Yesterday

At a time so distant where ordinary men were called upon to do extraordinary things heroes were born. It was at the turn of the 20th century that Theodore Roosevelt rode into the history books. During the First World War Black Jack Perishing and Sergeant York galloped into American consciousness.

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