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Top 10 Poorest Countries In The World (1960-2021)

What If Great Minds Fled the City?

In this personal essay, the author poses an intriguing thought experiment. What if the demographic trend of the last two hundred years had trended to a rural economy rather than an urban one? Would we be less happier? One may find the author’s thoughts on the answer surprising.

2016, The Year Of Change?

As the world enters another new year one has to wonder when will times get any better. If this past year was any indication of what 2016 will hold it is suffice to say that the best years of America peaked a very long time ago. One can arguably say though that this past year, 2015 was the year of the gun.

Christmas In A Secular Era

As one more Christmas is celebrated it is interesting to contemplate what meaning the festivities retain in an era which is becoming increasingly secular. The feast of the winter solstice is as old as thinking man, and was adopted by early Christianity, like other pagan festivals, to placate the Roman legions. People have always been reluctant to forgo a good opportunity to eat and drink to excess, and it is this same Epicurean spirit which keeps the festival alive today, in an age in which only a minority of the population assign it a Christian significance.

Behold The Future

As time turns another page of life where all that is left are memories, those fleeting moments transfixed in conscious thought reappear now and again. For millions the world over those memories have only rekindled a burning desire to escape a life of drudgery, pain and despair. In a world filled with the suffering of so many few are fortunate to have memories so cherished.

Was The COP 21 Climate Change Really About Global Warming Or a Socialist Control Wish List?

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells, It’s Christmas Time In the City, the City of Paris that is, where a giant party has now ended; the UN’s IPCC Paris Climate Summit COP21. A huge gathering of nations to discuss the reduction of greenhouse gases, namely CO2 in the Earth’s Atmosphere. Sounds like a nice idea right? Well not exactly, in fact the agreement which came out of the COP21 is quite troubling indeed. Let’s discuss all this shall we?

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