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Top 10 Roasters In India 🇮🇳 | @CarryMinati @Triggered Insaan

Staying Sane in the Muddle of Cultural Multiplicity

Plant yourself in the center of a multicultural, multilingual group of people of various ages, levels of education, and life experience, then dissect issues of culture, stereotyping, prejudice, and racism, and you just might find yourself nearing the precipice of insanity. We put emphasis on pride in culture and language, and our goal is to help our future students do the same. We admire that we are all special in our individualities and ethnicities. Nevertheless, the question lingers over us: At what point does pride become arrogance, ethnicity become exclusivity, and the left-out folks become radicalized? Can we discover something incredibly redeeming in such a multicultural muddle?

Is the American Attitude Toward Nudism Different Than Europe?

This article will examine why and when this difference becomes apparent. After all, we all have variations of the same body, and this isn’t meant to be a discussion about sex or pornography. By nudity I mean simply taking off your clothes and showing yourself as nature intended.

Phulkari: The Traditional Embroidery of Punjab

Throughout India, beautiful embroideries can be found on clothing, scarves and wall tapestries. Each embroidery has a special, significant and spiritual meaning. In the north west Indian state of Punjab, the special embroidery of the region is called Phulkari and has a special place in matrimonial traditions.

You Are the Equivalent of Your Ten Closest Friends So Make Them Count

Television producer and businessmen Daniel Dean’s generosity and compassion towards others is nothing short of remarkable. The California native in his words “Strives to make the world a better place”. By my account, I believe he is well on his way.

Your Crutch of Virtual Disreality – What Happened to Your Life, The Real One?

Now days if you ask a 20-something how life is, they are liable to tell you within the first two sentences something about their virtual online life. One modern-day anthropologists and sociologists have noted that teenage boys would rather have an excellent profile on Facebook than own a car. Previously, teenage boys wanted to get a driver’s license and car as possible so they could attract a girlfriend. Today, it’s easier to attract a girlfriend by having a nice profile and high status on the social networking site.

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