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What If Your Community Found Itself Alone?

Recently I discovered Jared Diamond’s book, The World Until Yesterday. He compares life in our current civilizations with that in traditional ways of living dating back many thousands of years. Traditional communities consisted of two or three hundred people, all of whom knew each other and whose lives as well as fates intertwined. I wondered what life would be like for us if we suddenly found ourselves in their place.

The Great Shift in Consciousness

For centuries we have lived lives that have been directed by our minds. We have allowed our head to lead, ignoring the messages that have come from our hearts. We have accepted that life is all about competition, profit, individualism, winning and war. We have ignored the leadings of our hearts that speak more of cooperation, compassion, kindness and love.

City Versus Rural Lifestyle

As a non-city dweller by choice, I am always bothered by those who tell us that living in the city are more convenient, more efficient, and a better way to run human society. It’s none of those things. Let me explain my thesis and some of the critique I have for this push to move people into the city – I think that is a disaster waiting to happen for humankind.

A Democratic, Demographic Problem That Brings the End of America As Forecast by Daniel the Prophet

America, founded as a republic, is now a democracy where the majority vote money for themselves in welfare programs, etc. Demographics are an impending problem with amnesty of illegal aliens, as suggested by by Daniel’s prophetic book.

Reclaiming Anger So We Can Speak Truth to Power

I firmly believe that people are what they do. We are only as “good” as our actions; that is to say, it is what we do, as opposed to what we think about doing, or what we feel about something, that defines who we are as an individual. Certainly, there is a relationship between thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, but in the end, it is what we choose to do and say that matters. Now, I’m not saying that every last decision we make can be considered a mission statement on The Kind Of Person We Are; rather, it is the collective sum of our actions that makes that statement.

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