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Top 10 YouTubers In Asia | Who Is No. 1..?

Seeking Refuge

This article looks at the difference between asylum seekers and refugees. Understanding the terms is the first step to understanding the people that are in these situations. I aim to dispel common misconceptions about immigrants in the UK.

Foolishness and Stupidity Are Limited Only By the Imagination

Certainly you’ve heard of the “Darwin Award Winners” a time or two? This is where someone does something totally stupid and ends up dying in the process, then many onlookers say “anyone doing anything that stupid, shouldn’t be procreating anyway!” Well, guess what? They won’t be making any more babies in the future since they have perished, and maybe that is a good thing when you think about. Why you ask? Well, we don’t need any more stupid or foolish people in the world, after all we have something like 7-plus billion people already and far too many stupid ones.

Aggression, Bin Laden and Family Life

A recent headline referred to Osama Bin Laden as “a doting grandfather and a paranoid terrorist.” There are more to this statement than meets the eye. It appears that most people have both loving aspects and aggressive aspects; and the two can be arranged in any number of ways.

Unconsidered Inventions

An important human invention. The symphony orchestra.

Can Humans Overcome The Over Population Problem In Time to Save Themselves?

Inherently, I’d say anyone with little more than half a brain realizes that at some point humans will over populate this planet. There is of course the on-going debate of what the ideal population of humans on Earth should be or what the maximum sustainable number actually is – regardless, it wouldn’t take a space station engineer to realize that if mankind continues to procreate at the current rate, they will someday be sorry.

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