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Top 100 Countries with Longest Highways (Freeways/Expressways)

The video compares the Top 100 countries by their total highway (expressway) lengths. Information may not be up to date since data for some countries are not updated recently.


CIA World Factbook & Various

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Promissory Notes For Building Wealth Gradually

Promissory notes are great tools for building wealth because they are available in just about any amount, any interest rate, any duration, and any risk factor. They can be individually created and tailored to specific needs and circumstances; they can be purchased individually or in groups; they can be bought for all cash, they can be used as collateral security and borrowed against; they can be bought for a combination of cash and debt. One of the main reason promissory notes are acquired is to…

7 Harsh Realities About Your Money – How to Profit and Protect Your Wealth From the Next Crash

If you’re sick of earning 1% a year on your hard earned savings, fed up of investing with “experts” that can’t beat a blind folded monkey and consistently lose your money but still charge you high fees or have tried a trading system, but failed miserably because it was too difficult, too complicated or just too time consuming… then read on. I am about to expose the secrets the professionals don’t tell you.

The Big Retirement Planning Secret

How do you know if you can retire? This may seem like an impossible question to answer, but in actuality it’s very simple. If you have enough cash, cash flow, and insurance you can take care of everything else.

Convertible Bonds: Hybrid Bond Lets You Get Paid to Wait While Reducing Some Risks

Convertible bonds are a hybrid investment vehicle that helps investors increase income, protect principal and lower the risks of stock investing – an ideal way to add some protection to a retirement income portfolio. Offering a hedge for inflation and rising interest rates, they are one way to help make a bond portfolio inflation-resistant. For those afraid of risk consider this: Staying out of stocks may mean missing a rally while buying in may mean getting hit if there’s a crash. Convertibles let investors have it both ways allowing them a chance to get their money back with interest or earn a bonus from stock market gains.

Wealth Creation Mistakes to Avoid

A few years back I bought a share in a racing horse worth $75,000. That’s relatively inexpensive for a race horse but still it’s not pocket change. I had been reading about a taxi driver who had bought a horse for $900 and won millions off the back of the horse’s winnings. I wanted some of that action. My horse looked powerful with great muscle tone. It was destined to win races. The truth be told, he turned out to be one of my biggest investment mistakes.

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