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Top 15 Best Global Brands Ranking (2000-2018)

Promissory Note Swindles: Seniors and Church Groups Deceived

Fraud and Swindle Targets.Senior Citizens. Church Members/Affinity Groups. Inexperienced Investors.Get Rich Slowly. What Bait do the Swindlers Use Trick Investors?

Calculating the Cost of Healthcare Expenses and Inflation in Retirement

Healthcare Costs and Inflation in Retirement… An examination of how your Out-of-Pocket Medical Expenses, Medicare, and Social Security work together. HealthCare Costs in the USA today have spun out of control. Everywhere you turn… Annual double-digit price increases are now the norm. Obama Care and HealthCare Costs dominate the headlines. However, the Financial Services industry in 2014 continues to overlook a significant threat to your future comfortable lifestyle: Out-of-Pocket Healthcare Costs.

Why Underwriting Is Crucial for Life Insurance

Have you ever wondered how a death benefit is determined in a life insurance contract? Whether or not you choose a term life, whole life, or universal life insurance contract, every contract comes equipped with a tax free death benefit, otherwise known as a face amount.

The Long Road To Wealth

Wealth and happiness are achieved through fundamental personality changes, Retiring early allows one to accomplish higher goals leading to life satisfaction. Wealth is merely a by-product of those changes.

New Tax Court Ruling on IRA Rollovers Could Cost (or Save) You Big Money

A new, but not widely known ruling on March 20,2014 by the U.S. Tax Court slightly alters the rules for IRA rollovers, but a simple, already widely used technique by investment professionals could significantly reduce the risk. Hi All, long time no write, I’ve been busy here post-tax season. So many changes in the tax and investment industries but this recent ruling by the IRS and U.S. Tax Court is a biggie, and I’m blessed I have strategic partners that keep track of this stuff so I can help you keep more of your hard earned money in your pocket.

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