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Top 15 Countries by GDP (1970-2017)

How to Set Up Retirement Plans Using the Internet

If you refer to yourself as a ‘baby boomer’, which means if you were born around the 1960s, chances are that you are retiring soon. With that, inevitably, comes retirement planning. With so many public as well as private insurance organizations, you might find yourself lost in the numerous retirement packages available.

Investment in Unit Linked Insurance Plans in India

How investments in unit linked insurance plans can give good returns on a long term while providing adequate insurance to the family. How can be your investment maintained so as to give returns that provides satisfaction in view of inflation. This article explains why and how to keep your investments diversified to minimize various risks while having adequate insurance.

Principles One Should Apply Using a Self Employed Retirement Plan

Biblical principles can be applied not just in our personal lives but also in our finances. Below are the Biblical principles that are useful for self employed retirement plan owners.

Keeping Retirement Simple

You can take control of your own destiny regardless of external events. Assuming there is an American Flag flying over our country moving forward, guarantees are possible in retirement. It is quite simple. Don’t focus on a dollar amount you are trying to reach (example: “I need $1 million to retire”), instead focus on a cost of the lifestyle you want to pursue in retirement.

Promissory and Mortgage Note Valuation: Valuation Factors

As frequently happens, financial planners, tax attorneys, CPA’s and businessmen need appraisals of promissory notes and real estate mortgage notes. They may need the appraisal for estate tax planning, gift tax planning, dividing an inheritance, or for dividing assets during a partnership dissolution or divorce proceeding.

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