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Lessons From Incas: Nature and Civilization in Harmony

Humanity requires both nature and civilization. Both worlds must be in best shape that they can be.

Hip Hop and Black America

Being a black man in America I understand far too well the duality to which Web Du Bois described in his book “The Souls of Black Folks”. What saddens me, and also sickens me is that I can so solely identify with something that was written in a time were black men in some parts of America were still considered cattle. The black man in today’s society must not only bare his insecurities, but he must also carry the insecurities and perceptions of a complex society.

Burning Witches in the Religion of Constantine

The study of the Catholic Church history was part of my unravelling of the dark mountains that prevail over the world. One does not get far into it when the witches turn up whose crime may have been nothing more than that they were intelligent. Anything that threatened the power of the Vatican was removed and many died in agony while burning at the stake.

The Unique Human Species Rides Again!

Humans share 98% of their DNA with their closest animal relatives, the chimpanzees. That 2% difference however was enough to put man on the moon while the chimps still frolic in and around the forest trees. So, humans should pat themselves on the back, right? We’re king of the mountain; top of the tops, lord and master over all we survey. But what else has that 2% difference bestowed upon us? Perhaps a closer comparison to the rest of the species inhabiting Planet Earth should deflate our massive egos a might.

Reincarnation and Spiritual Conflicts Within Religions

Humanity is a huge area of study and none more so than the many religions and doctrines that permeate through the systems. One side of some of us that fails to hit the headline, however, is reincarnation. While only one or two of the many faiths have some recognition of it the facts are the world can’t hear those who genuinely have memory of it.

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