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Top 15 Most Richest Women In The World (2005-2020)

Forbes list of the richest women in the world is relatively new so I tracked the old lists to get only the female billionaires. In this video, we will see how this list will change from 2005 to 2020. You will see very famous women such as Alice Walton, Laurene Powell Jobs, and MacKenzie Scott. and their net worth especially MacKenzie Bezos after the divorce settlement. I will also classify all the businesswoman in the list if they are self-made or heiress.
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The Search for Investment Income

One of the challenges for today’s retiree is finding suitable fixed income instruments that pay a decent yield and avoid the roller coaster ride of today’s financial markets. Gone are the days where a money market paid 2 or 3 percent and a CD could be found paying a very satisfactory 4 or 5 percent.

Avoid Losses – Learn the Meaning of Key Investing Words

Not Understanding Promissory Note Language Causes Losses. Unfamiliar Words Cause Discomfort and Anxiety. Key Concepts. Key Words.

Promissory Note Appraisal – Eight Valuation Puzzles and Solutions

What is the Fair Market Value of the Note? No Valuation Formula or Rule of Thumb Exists. Why would anyone do a big, important transactions based on guesswork and hunches?

There Is a Difference Between Information, Knowledge, and Expertise

Being informed about an investment is not enough to build wealth. Information may transform into knowledge with understanding.

How to Plan Your Retirement Using the Stock Market

Today, there are many in their 40s and 50s who have faithfully served their immediate family for the last two or three decades and are now blessed with the opportunity to plan and direct what happens next in their lives. A personal, self-directed stock brokerage account is a useful tool to learn about, and profit from, online stock trading.

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